MASTERCLASS: Winning Tomorrow’s Talent Battle – Attracting and Retaining the Right People

Ballroom B 06/06/2017 1:05 pm - 1:35 pm
Dr. Tammy Erickson

In this masterclass Professor Tammy Erickson will review the specific actions that can be taken to rethink and build an effective talent management function.

There will be a special focus on how to define expectations, assess performance, invest in improvement and offer integrated solutions to talent.

Beyond these, attendees will examine how to create an employee value proposition that engages employees through vision, opportunity, incentives, impact, in addition to defining how to create a highly engaging workplace.

Join this highly interactive and engaging masterclass to gain an in-depth knowledge in following critical topics:

  • Investing in Talent Management – identifying a direct impact on the success of your organization
  • Manage talent choices for c-suite executives, key company leaders, high potential employees, and all employees
  • What can you do to find and recruit the right employees?
  • Building on strength – how can you effectively identify your employee’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing people – ensure that your employees have the skills to do their work
  • Driving performance – What you can do in HR to guarantee that your employees are committed to do their best
  • The engaging workplace – How do you help your employees find meaning from the work that they do?