MASTERCLASS: From Hierarchies to Networks of Networks -Talent Management In A Connected World

Ballroom B 06/07/2017 1:20 pm - 3:00 pm
Gianpaolo Barozzi
Senior Director HR, Cisco

Teams play a success critical role in organizations, particularly dynamic teams (not org-chart based). Cisco will present how to identify, analyze and enable teams in organizations through a new talent management approach based on combining leading edge digital solutions with the latest Organizational Network Analysis techniques.

You will learn the “behind the scene” of how they applied these techniques to a business organization to analyze the collaborative aspects of the organization’s operation & performance beyond org chart.  Specifically, the visibility of connections and patterns of connection and the identification of key actors within the organization helped them to accelerate team engagement & performance, develop leaders & individuals and gain insights on collaborative overload.

The masterclass will share context, methodology, outcomes and provide insight on how to apply them in other organizations.