Keynote Presentation Plenary Session

6 Steps to Increase Resilience in the Workplace

Ballroom A 06/07/2017 3:20 pm - 4:05 pm
Jack Broadley
Director, Executive Coach & Business Psychologist, Pelorus Consulting

There’s a military term for the kind of workplace environment many of us now know. It’s VUCA, and it stands for ‘volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous’. What VUCA translates to in everyday business life is more stress, more change and more turbulence.  That’s because today’s employees face financial cuts and constant pressure to assimilate new technological and digital skills and responsibilities.

No surprise that employee unhappiness, lack of productivity, and stress-related health issues – and therefore more sick days – are on the rise in the workplace, and companies find themselves under increasing strain to keep their people engaged and focused.

In this keynote presentation Jack Broadley will shed light on the 6 most important steps of boosting resilience within the organization and making it part of its culture, which in turn results in better adaptability, endurance and stamina, and, ultimately, a positive and healthy climate to work in.

The presentation will aim to:

  • Help understand the business impact of values, meaning and purpose,
  • Show how behaviours of senior leader’simpact on organizational resilience,
  • Explore why individual and team resilience responds to a positive work culture,
  • Help bosses recognize resilience risks & take the right actions.